Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GFC Announces 2009 Adventure Racing Program

The 5th Réunion d’Aventures
will be held from 9 to 15 May 2009

The 5th Réunion d’Aventures will be held from 9 to 15 May 2009. It has become a great
classic and an outstanding event in the world of adventure races.
its format is original:

- Three team-members who relay each other so that two of them are always in the race
out in nature while the third provides support.
- Three classifications: mixed, men and women.
- Compulsory rest between 6pm and 6am with a bivouac on the spot. The contestants
must plan to meet at 6pm in a place where resting is possible.
- An overall stay lasting one week for 6 days of competition.
- A variety of types of sea and mountain sports which make it a benchmark multisport
competition with an extremely varied series of legs.
- A sublime setting: Réunion, a diamond of natural beauty surrounded by the ocean.
According to their level, the teams may be classified into three different categories:
- “Extreme” for the best
- “Raiders” for the very well prepared contestants
- “Adventure” for the teams with some weak points or a bit of bad luck.

The types of sport on the short list for this 5th competition are: canyoning, walkingorienteering,
mountain bike, ride and run, sea kayak, etc. Details will be given at the end of
November after the definitive reconnaissance. What is already certain is that the contestants
will be going through the remotest parts of this magical island which remain mysterious
because of the extremely rugged features that make some of them impenetrable.

Registration is now open. The registration fee is unchanged at €600 excl. VAT. The number
of teams will be limited to 25 or 30 according to the possibilities that the chosen course will
offer. This limit is required because of the equipment necessary for the race and the
narrowness of certain crossing points. Réunion d’Aventures cannot be a mass competition.
From November on, the organisation will offer the teams a package covering the flight from
France, the support vehicle, the transfers and the accommodation. As always with GFC, the
budget will be very reasonable thanks to the participation of the partners of the event, led by
“Ile de la Réunion Tourisme”, the tourism development board of Réunion.

As in previous editions, Réunion d’Aventures will receive wide media coverage with daily
batches of images sent by satellite to French, European and international televisions and
websites, depending on the nationality of the teams taking part. The best cameramen and
photographers and journalists capable of intense physical input will be on the ground for this
great adventure through the heart of Réunion.

Réunion d’Aventures will henceforth be held every two years.

Oman Adventure will not be held in 2008

In spite of the numerous requests to register and despite the boundless enthusiasm of all the
participants, Oman Adventure is not programmed for December 2008.

GFC organised three editions of this gigantic bike and run race by stages in a fabulous natural
setting. The atmosphere was always very intense, the kind of excitement that leads to
outstanding feats that take us into a different world where time stands still. However, at this
time the conditions are not yet ripe to allow a fourth competition to be held in the Sultanate of
Oman in 2008.
The second Raid Canéo Nature from 27 July to 8 August 2009

The preparations for the second Raid Canéo Nature are already under way.

The holding of the first Raid Canéo Nature demonstrated the interest of its race concept. The
crossing of France without motorised sports, relying only on nature-sports equipment, makes
it without doubt the biggest new adventure in recent times. After Versailles-Marseille in 2008,
next year’s contestants will be crossing France from East to West. The reconnaissance of the
course will be starting very shortly and the types of sport on the programme will be
announced as soon as possible
The first edition was magnificent and heroic. 20 teams finished out of the 34 teams that
signed up, but almost everyone reached Marseille eventually, which was a real exploit in

In 2009, the principle of the three categories: Extreme, Raiders and Adventure, has been
kept, but with a greater difference between the itineraries. The Extreme contestants do
not want to see the level of difficulty reduced, but the other two categories would like
more time to recuperate. So the 2009 event will be less intense to allow a greater chance
for newcomers to the world of endurance adventure racing.

The Raid Canéo Nature obtained the best media coverage ever achieved in France with –
notably – a daily report on TF1 (the most popular TV channel). We can already say that the
2009 competition will satisfy even more than this year the innumerable fans of exciting and
exemplary human adventures in multisport competitions in a natural setting.
Registration is now open, limited to 40 teams, with the same registration fee as in 2008: €900
excl. VAT per team.

For further information:
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